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Advanced Dentistry

Advanced dental procedures can help you achieve the healthy & strong smile of your dreams! Whether you need dental implants, a dental bridge, or even a tooth extraction, our Boynton Beach family dentist can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile! 
Dental Implants
There are two types of dental implants to get you a beautiful smile. These are:
• Endosteal
-implant placed in the jawbone
-used to replace dentures or bridges
-commonly used
• Subperiosteal
-implant placed on top of your jawbone
-the implant head will be visible
Types of Bridges
-Two crowns on both sides of the missing tooth with an anchored tooth in the middle
-Porcelain material
-Common type
-Used for one side of your mouth
-Composed of plastic material
-An anchor tooth and crowns used to support a dental implant
-Adjacent teeth only
Contact our office to learn more about advanced dental treatments! We can help you achieve a healthy and strong smile for life!