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Pocket Reduction

Your gums play a large role in your overall oral health. That’s why it’s essential to have them healthy, strong, and intact in order to reach oral hygiene goals! Unfortunately, millions of people in the United States alone are affected by varying severities of gum disease. This makes pocket reductions necessary in some cases.

What is a Pocket Reduction?

Pockets occur when supportive tissue diminishes due to bacteria. These pockets gradually get larger, making surgery necessary. Our dentist will clean out pockets thoroughly and put them back in place, reducing their size and avoiding greater damage.


What Are the Benefits of a Pocket Reduction?

When you have open pockets, you’re opening your mouth to a plethora of potential damage. So, a pocket reduction is sometimes essential for restoring proper oral health. Some of the biggest benefits of a pocket reduction are:
- Improved overall oral health
- Minimization of excessive bacterial growth
- Prevents further damage from periodontal
The key to a great smile is healthy gums! Our skilled dentists at Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach can help you reach and maintain your oral health goals. Contact us today!