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Root Canal Therapy

Taking preventative measures for optimal oral health is ideal. But, sometimes more extreme measures are necessary to treat dental health issues. Root canal therapy treats pain and infection by removing the necessary part of the tooth.


If you are a candidate for a root canal, we will examine your mouth. In order to check on the severity of your condition, we may use an x-ray to detect the source of the issue. Before the procedure begins, the area will be numbed with local anesthesia.
Your dentist will remove the decayed pulp by drilling into the infected tooth. The decay will be cleaned out and filled with a filling to alleviate the empty cavity. The tooth will be sealed and hardened with a low-density light for future protection.



Is a Root Canal Painful?

At Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach, we put your comfort first. During the procedure, we may provide a local anesthetic or sedation. After treatment, you may experience sensitivity for the first few days. Upon your doctor’s direction, over-the-counter or prescribed pain medication can be taken. Be sure to avoid chewing on the treated tooth until full restoration is complete.
You should never have to live with oral pain. Root canal therapy can help you preserve your tooth and prevent further dental damage. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.