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Here at Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach, our goal is to provide you with the most accurate, efficient, and comfortable dental care. In order to achieve this goal, we make sure to utilize only the latest and most advanced dental technology.



Our advanced digital x-rays take remarkably accurate images of your teeth and the surrounding structures. It then displays the images on a computer screen quicker and easier than ever before. 



- Magnifies and enhances your teeth for better diagnosis and treatment

- Provides the information we need to plan your dental treatment

- Requires much less radiation than traditional film x-rays

- Extremely safe and effective for kids




Our panoramic x-ray machine rotates around your whole head to take a 360-degree image of your teeth, sinuses, and bone structure of your head and jaw.

- Provides a more comprehensive image than standard x-rays
- Valuable resource for diagnosing and treating oral health problems




Our small and sleek intra-oral camera mimics a pen in both shape and size to take images from the inside your mouth of your teeth, gums, mouth, and tongue.

- Comfortable
- Easy to use
- Able to view a wide range of angles
- Valuable resource for diagnosing and treating oral health problems
- Ensures your health and safety thanks to a new disposable cover



Our Cavitron is a handheld device used in periodontal deep cleaning. While scaling can be completed by hand, our Cavitron takes it to the next level by using ultrasonic technology to quickly, gently, and effectively remove hardened plaque from your teeth and gums.

- Creates a more comfortable deep cleaning experience
- Less time spent scaling and polishing




Our Dexis CariVu™ is a new, compact, portable decay detection device that uses a patented transillumination technology that uses a light to produce an image that is similar to that of an x-ray, but with the x-ray exposure. Thanks to this technology, we can safely and effectively detect tooth decay and cracks as we view the scan on a high-definition monitor.



- Safe for patients of any age

- Particularly helpful for patients with small mouths or a strong gag reflex

- Reduces the need for x-ray exposure by around 50% over time



Our rotary endodontics handpiece enables us to complete your root canal treatment gently and more efficiently.



- Eliminates the sound of your tooth being drilled into, which is often the most unpleasant part of the root canal procedure Creates a faster and more comfortable treatment experience.



This handheld scope is a diagnostic tool for oral cancers. It uses a special blue-spectrum light to scan the tissues of your mouth and create distinct visual patterns on healthy and unhealthy tissues.



- Enables us to more accurately discover potential oral cancers in early, highly treatable stages




AcceleDent® is a small device that gently stimulates tooth movement during your orthodontic treatment. With the AcceleDent®, you simply insert the mouthpiece, bite down, and turn on the activator for its full 20-minute timer once a day or as directed.



- Reduces discomfort of orthodontic treatment Completes your orthodontic treatment 50% faster than with braces and clear aligners alone.


All of our dental technology is safe, effective, and well-maintained. To learn more information about any of our dental technology, contact Family Dentistry of Boynton Beach today.